The product

What is Foerde f2M®?

Foerde f2M® is a food supplement.
Foerde f2M® is primarily characterised by the 33 live bacterial strains. These bacteria, which also occur naturally in the human body, are produced in a natural (NOT genetically modified!) way and nourished with organic extracts from plants and herbs during the fermentation phase.


Why bacteria are so important for human beings!

The majority of bacterial strains are harmless and are good for people, animals and nature. More than 90% of all genetic information in humans is not of human origin but originates from bacteria! Humans have 10 times more bacteria than human cells, a total of more than 5,000 different strains. 80% of these are commensals.

It is therefore a good thing to support the body’s own positive bacteria and keep them in balance.


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How is Foerde f2M® manufactured?

It is characteristic of Foerde f2M® that it consists of aerobic and anaerobic bacterial cultures. Aerobic bacteria need oxygen to grow, whereas anaerobic bacteria can only thrive if there is a lack of oxygen. By using a special fermentation and cultivation process, we have succeeded in adapting both groups of bacteria and allowing them to multiply. This mutual adaptation process creates a type of eco-system which is able to individually recognise which good bacteria are missing in humans, and which undesirable bacteria strains have to be reduced.
This is an important differentiation criterion compared to a probiotic, which does not have this regulatory property but merely adds some bacteria.
Another advantage of Foerde f2M® is that the ingredients are not reduced by freeze drying. On the contrary, the fermentation of the added plant extracts produces important nutrients which have a supporting effect on the intestinal flora which protect us in the sense of a prebiotic, and can therefore strengthen our protective barrier in the intestine.
Foerde f2M® is manufactured hygienically and in accordance with the latest scientific standards.